Who We Are

 Founded by brothers who wanted to inspire others 

Zac Halloran- Founder


Hi! My name is Zac Halloran and I am from Albany, NY. I hope you enjoy our wonderfully made products here at Twill. If there is anything you need from me or my team, please reach out! A little bit about me... Well I am one of seven and have a crazy big family. I occasionally grow a beard and love to collaborate with passionate people. I've played sports all my life and taking a swing at this business thing has been such a remarkable journey. I love to travel and meet new people all over the world. Twill is truly my passion and I am thankful to have such a talented team, who you can meet below. Enjoy your journey of Twill and thank you for taking the time to stop by. Cheers. Check out my latest blog here: https://mytwill.com/blogs/news/161275783-30-something
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Jer Halloran, CEO


Hey Guys! I am Jer Halloran, older brother to Zac. I currently am a co-owner and help run the sales and finances here at Twill. When I am not doing doing our PNL, I am out in the community networking and helping find business partners that understand our giving company and want to get involved in giving back.  I am spend my free time with my daughter Kyleigh and my humongous family. Being the oldest of seven has taught me great patience and leadership. I am very thankful to have such a supportive family and look forward to help growing this great company. Check out my latest blog here: https://mytwill.com/blogs/news/164243527-i-wanted-a-boy
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We are a small group of passionate social entrepreneurs from Albany, NY. We set out on a mission of giving back right in our dusty basement of Zac's & Jer's apartment in 2013.  Every product or message we develop is to help others who need it most. There are so many people out there that can benefit from our products and service, please consider Twill and thank you for stopping by.