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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

When you purchase any one of our Twill products, you are able to choose where another is given. At check out, you are able to choose from a list of our Giving Buddies we currently serve in many communities. It is our vision that you are able to give back right in your very own community and we are working diligently to make this happen. Give Where You Live :) 

How was Twill started

Twill was founded in 2013 by Albany, NY’s very own Zac Halloran. Inspired by his younger brother's mental health diagnosis, he saw the need for warmth in his community. Zac called upon his older brother, Jer and dear friend Zach Hasselbarth to help build this giving company from the basement.

Is Twill a non-profit?

No.Twill is a small for-purpose company that has dedicated its business model to giving back to local friends who need it most. We've enlisted our customers as givers and helpers. We are encouraging and generating a culture of giving and why not start a business that does just that?  

What do you do with your profits?

We feel it is important to share our progress with our customers, investors and our employees. We want people to see the writing on the wall and we want our valuable customers to trust our vision and mission of giving. You can relax with your blanket with your family and know that we are delivering upon our mission of giving.  This is a passion folks. This isn't just a business. Our team works nights, weekends on top of full time jobs. Your purchase will not only help support local families, but it will create local jobs for a company that cares about your community.

When we started in our dusty basement, we envisioned rebuilding the very teen center our family grew up playing in. We want to extend a helping hand to charities that are doing great work to influence change in our youth and beyond. Education and inspiration for our youth is the most important asset to our future success as a world. Teaching children how to give, how to create, how to balance a checkbook and avoid financial crisis. Imagine a world that teaches children proper nutrition and how to grow their own vegetables and cook at home. We are not so far from that and with your support as an investor, customer and employee we can accomplish this wonderful mission together.

Why warm products?

When we were kids, our grandmother hand-knitted blankets for all seven of us. We went everywhere with our blankies and held them tight during some of the most difficult times as children. We want our friends in need to feel that comfort. It is our vision to continue to design and produce new Twill products that continue our mission. Your support and purchase will surely help us get there faster :) 

Where do I purchase?

You can purchase right here on our website,

How can you partner with us?

We would love to hear from your school, brand, sports team, college or company and get involved. We have a great giving program that is custom and suitable for larger orders, fundraisers and joint ventures. To inquire please call 518-512-9733 and ask for Zac or Jer. You can also email us at We respond within 24 hours.

What are your products made of?

-Twill Blankets are 100% cotton

-Twill Totes are 100% cotton

-Twill Beanies are made of 100% acrylic

-Twill Snapbacks are of 100% Cotton Twill

What are your giving products made of?

-Twill Blankets are made of 100% fleece 

-Twill Beanies are made of 100% Fleece

How do I clean my Twill products?

1.    Pour the appropriate amount of laundry detergent into the washing machine for your product load.

2.    Place the Twill product(s) in the washing machine.

3.    Wash on the gentle cycle using cold water.

4.    During the rinse cycle, add the appropriate amount of liquid fabric softener.

5.    Hang the Twill product(s) and allow it to air-dry. This will prevent pilling that is caused from the fabric rubbing against itself in the dryer.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with our mission.  Aside of being a valuable customer, you can help us share our mission.  Yes, "liking", "following" and "sharing" are great ways to help us get the word out. Participating in our social campaigns allow Twill to connect to our customers all over the world.  Through our website, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google and Pinterest we will provide up to date campaigns of how to share your story with us.  Whether it’s uploading a picture of yourself helping or checking in at one of our events, you can always

Can I go to a drop off?

Anything is possible. We want our customers to see what we do for a living. That is precisely why we record and photograph our drop-offs. Connecting our customers to the people we serve is the mission at its core.  Part of our social campaigns will include exclusive invites for our customers.  Taking in the consideration of the safety of children, the location and staff, this opportunity will be limited and monitored closely. 

Where do you give back?

We have developed relationships with hospitals, family centers and homeless shelters to take part in our mission. Our Giving Buddies allow us to carry out our mission from production of our product to the smile on a friend’s face.  It is important to us to give where a Twill product is purchased. As we continue to expand we will continue to develop partnerships with local and national organizations. It is our intention to provide Twill products to every state and country that need them. If Twill products are purchased in the Arctic, then we will bundle up and find our way to the Arctic.

Who gives the products?

Twill does. We hand-deliver the giving products to the family shelters, the hospitals and homeless shelter. In partnership with our Giving Buddies we are able to quickly get Twill products in the hands of children needing a little encouragement. Our employees, volunteers, friends and family take part in completing this mission.