Caring Campus Initiative

Are you a school or college looking to get your students more involved in the community? Well, we have the perfect program for you. Team up with Twill and customize a product to sell on campus. We will hire your students as interns for class credits and teach them grass roots business skills. Your students will learn what its like to start, run and complete a business. Get in touch to see why our Caring Campus Initiative is the perfect program for your campus!

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Union College


"During my time as an intern for Twill and the Caring Campus Initiative at Union College, I was able to not only gain professional experience in marketing, but also learn more about my campus community and just how important our charity is to our local community. Being able to give back locally allowed me to see the exact effect of my work, which is something you won't get out of in most internships. And this effect was not just for the advancement of corporate gain, but rather for the advancement of global good, which is another aspect of this internship you won't get from others."

Lisa Demoranville (Junior- Union College)


LaSalle Institute

"When deciding to intern with Twill, I made the choice based on what they stand for and the impact they make in our community. It was a rewarding experience to be able to generate awareness about a cause that meant a lot to our campus and help a fellow cadet in need."

Sam Brendese (Senior- LaSalle Institute)