Our Story

Our story comes from a family that needed love, help and inspiration more than ever.  Fighting a complex mental health diagnosis, our brother fought his way through trying times. Not knowing the end result, every day was a struggle to understand, to hold on, to live, to breathe, to eat, and to sleep for our brother. As a family, we didn’t know what each day would bring. 

Our brother began to develop will power, the kind of power that could lift a car or bend a spoon with the mind. He slowly improved each day with a better sense of conviction and willingness to be with his family. It was like watching a grass root grow through a concrete sidewalk. Who knew such a beautiful thing could be grown from dark days with no sun. He found his way and his story and inspiration are embedded into our family owned company. Mom always said, “Where there's a will, there's a way." 

"That's it!"  Where there's a Twill, there's a way. Twill that is what we WILL call our company. We gathered together in our dusty apartment basement in Albany, NY. To get started, we sold Zac’s car and began helping build this wonderful company with many passionate people. Our family, friends and supporters have all helped grow this company from the ground to helping so many in our community.

Just a quick update. Our younger brother is doing better now. He is employed, living independently and thriving. Every day is a new day and he continues to stay strong and live his life.

 For every Twill product sold, another is given to a local friend in need.

Who We Are

Zac Halloran

Founder and CEO


Jer Halloran



Zach Hasselbarth

Director of Operations/Co-Owner


ShainA Kaye

Director of Marketing


Kyle Minick

Director of Events


emily Barden

Relationship Manager


Micaela Inama

Customer Service


Kristen Suraci

Content Manager


Carolyn Bugbee

Relationship Manager


Harrison Ma

Intern from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute