The story you didn't hear

The story you didn't hear


So I’m sure by now you’ve heard Nickelback is in town and their drummer seems to be cruising the town via Uber (pictured above). We’ve all seen the selfie..and if you’ve got the same taste in music as me you’re probably a little jealous. I mean come on, it’s not every day you meet a famous drummer. Pretty cool!

But here’s the story you DIDN’T hear...and if you ask me, it’s a lot cooler than getting a selfie with the drummer.

You’re looking at a picture of my cousin Ben and his girlfriend. Ben became a certified Uber driver June 30. Just yesterday, he started his first round of pick-ups through the app around the Capital Region. Ironically enough, one of the people he picked up that day was Daniel Adair, the drummer from Nickelback! Even more ironic, Ben dropped Adair off at Colonie Center, where another Uber driver ended up picking him up later and taking the selfie we’re seeing all over the internet. Unfortunately, Ben didn’t think to take a selfie with Adair, but in my opinion, he got something much better. Before leaving Ben’s car he asked for his name and told him he’d have two tickets for the show at will call. 

Talk about a great way to give back. Much better than a tip (or selfie) if you ask me. Ben commented, “He was a really nice guy.” Well, obviously Ben, look at the view from these seats! You may not be in a position to give away concert tickets, but any small act of kindness counts. How can YOU give back today?

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