The Growing Lego Tower by Kristen Suraci

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The Growing Lego Tower by Kristen Suraci

I’m back! As the holiday season comes to a close, I can’t help but think about all the good that is happening around the Capital Region. People donating food, gifts, and we can’t forget, blankets! I got to wondering how that all started. When did we learn to come together for a greater good?

Let me take you down memory lane.

I’m thinking about pre-school and kindergarten. You run into a classroom full of dolls, blocks, and toy cars to dive into. Most of us were probably overwhelmed with the mass amount of toys we were able to get our hands on. What we didn’t realize at that age, was we were learning how to talk, play, and the hardest of all, share with others. We were quickly learning how just one toy can be even more fun if you have someone to play alongside you.

Imagine a small building of 10 legos turning into a four foot tower with the help of two or three other tiny humans working alongside their friend. Fast forward to college 18 years later, where we find ourselves witnessing incredible partnerships of a different kind, such as two local Siena College students partnering up and creating a prosthetic arm in order to help people in need.

Where am I going with this?

Something small can turn into something much bigger with the willingness of a helping hand. Twill started in the basement of a dusty apartment by two brothers. Within a few short years, we’ve partnered with companies all over the Capital Region to help thousands of community members in need (including 3,000+ JUST in 2016)! This holiday season, I think I speak for everyone at Twill when I say we are so thankful for all the companies that decided to be our partner in building our own unique kind of lego tower. I can’t wait to see the new partners we make in 2017 and how many more people in need will be helped! Until then, Happy New Year!

- Kristen

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