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We need YOUR help, and Sabrina is here to tell you why: Why Lets Be Superheroes? My name is Sabrina Mosseau BS, RN, OCN and I have been called to action to run a national campaign for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society competing against other National candidates to raise the most funds in their Man/Woman of the Year Campaign. This is the first time our local chapter has a national candidate and we want to WIN!  We have put together a team of superheroes, individuals in our community who are dedicated to the “why,” described below.  Why are we running this campaign?...

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With the taste of spring, the sun is shining longer and everything is starting to fall into place. Spring always feels like a time to wrap things up and have everything locked in at a comfortable pace to keep pushing forward on your goals. For me, this spring brings graduation from college, so I’m totally shifted into gear for the homestretch. Even with the goal of graduation in mind from the start, it took me a few years to figure out which major fit me. Whether it’s college or a startup business, finding your “thing” takes time. As a local...

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2018 is upon us. The year everyone is going to reach their goals, right?? Isn’t that what all those January posts were about... "2017 is over, leading us up to 2018!!" I mean why not right? January felt like a year so finally it is February and spring training is about to start, so time to get ready and swing for the fences. If you don’t get there, ahh well, there’s always next time! That is the fun part about life: you get a reset whenever you like, on the new year, new month or even birthday! Shoot, for me...

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