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Amanda's Journey By: Amanda Shea Editor and Contributor: Jessica Sims from 518 Bites and Sites  Throughout my entire life I was always a “bigger person.” It was something that never really seemed to bother me.  I had a family that loved me and a great group of friends that were always there for me.  They respected me for the person I was on the inside and not what I looked like on the outside.   Having said that, my weight was something I struggled with daily and something  I still continue to struggle with to this day.  I always knew that...

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  Do you have one thing that just gives you shivers? Almost like you’re scared of it even when you know it’s coming? You anticipate what’s coming, you know what’s coming, you’ve fought it so many times…you want to run the other way, but you can’t. Because you can’t reverse time. June. This June marks the 10th anniversary of my brother’s accident, his death. Then fourteen days after the anniversary, is his birthday. When someone is sick, you mourn before the inevitable passing. You say everything you can say, do everything you can do and spend as much time with...

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Anxiety!! Growing up I was always very nervous. I never quite understood what it was or what was happening. It wasn’t until young adulthood, that this feeling had a name and millions struggled just like me. I hardly ever feel anxious, wait that is a lie… I do ALL the time. The keyboard is shaking as I am typing this piece. However, for some reason it is therapeutic in doing so. I know there are many others who deal with similar circumstances and I hope I can shed a little light and bring calm to their worry. It is completely...

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