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When I reflect on my own past experiences to where I am today, I am lucky enough to say I have an unconditionally loving father, along with supportive friends and teammates, by my side. Although I have been blessed with a great support system today, I cannot say my life has always been this way. Growing up, coming to terms with my own identity has never been something  simple or plain. I, along with many other individuals in the LGBT community, are not estranged from the feelings of shame, not belonging, or bullying. When you think of 2017 and how...

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Published on 05/10/2016 by Chive Charities Record storms rolled through Lincoln that morning. Joanie recalled, “A woman in her 90’s was being rescued from her basement down the road. I’d never seen so much water.” Flash floods lapped the top of the grille on the family’s Mitsubishi Galant as she made her way to the highway, “Both my aunts’ homes flooded. We finally made our way out of the city for the hour drive to the hospital in Omaha. I thought my car would hydroplane off the road at any moment but we made it.” That was one year ago...

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