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With the taste of spring, the sun is shining longer and everything is starting to fall into place. Spring always feels like a time to wrap things up and have everything locked in at a comfortable pace to keep pushing forward on your goals. For me, this spring brings graduation from college, so I’m totally shifted into gear for the homestretch. Even with the goal of graduation in mind from the start, it took me a few years to figure out which major fit me. Whether it’s college or a startup business, finding your “thing” takes time. As a local...

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We are SO excited to introduce Lilli Potter to our Twill family and community! We'll be working with Lilli over the coming weeks but first we wanted to introduce her to everyone. Keep reading for Lilli's AMAZING guest blog post: “A pageant? I would never expect that from you.” This was a common response that I got when I told my friends and family that I made it into the Miss New York Teen Pageant. I am not your stereotypical pageant girl; I rarely wear makeup, I take my medication every morning, I am not popular and I’m far from...

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Spring time is the best time. It’s almost summer out and anything is possible. Except for maybe our new year’s resolutions that we have long forgot about, but hey that happens to everyone right? To me that is always something funny.  We (the majority of us) always fail on our new year’s resolutions and we really don’t beat ourselves up that much, because we know time moves on and that we have next new year’s to try again. Just like baseball, you get up to the plate, you aim for a hit but that doesn’t always happen. What happens is...

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