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We are SO excited to introduce Lilli Potter to our Twill family and community! We'll be working with Lilli over the coming weeks but first we wanted to introduce her to everyone. Keep reading for Lilli's AMAZING guest blog post: “A pageant? I would never expect that from you.” This was a common response that I got when I told my friends and family that I made it into the Miss New York Teen Pageant. I am not your stereotypical pageant girl; I rarely wear makeup, I take my medication every morning, I am not popular and I’m far from...

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Anxiety!! Growing up I was always very nervous. I never quite understood what it was or what was happening. It wasn’t until young adulthood, that this feeling had a name and millions struggled just like me. I hardly ever feel anxious, wait that is a lie… I do ALL the time. The keyboard is shaking as I am typing this piece. However, for some reason it is therapeutic in doing so. I know there are many others who deal with similar circumstances and I hope I can shed a little light and bring calm to their worry. It is completely...

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