Superheroes like YOU are needed!

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Superheroes like YOU are needed!

We need YOUR help, and Sabrina is here to tell you why:

Why Lets Be Superheroes?

My name is Sabrina Mosseau BS, RN, OCN and I have been called to action to run a national campaign for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society competing against other National candidates to raise the most funds in their Man/Woman of the Year Campaign. This is the first time our local chapter has a national candidate and we want to WIN!  We have put together a team of superheroes, individuals in our community who are dedicated to the “why,” described below.

 Why are we running this campaign?

We run in honor of Bella and Evan, two local 6 year old children, whose chemotherapy treatments were not measured by a few weeks, but measured by hundreds of days.

We run because none of us should ever have blood cancers take the lives of our children, our parents, our spouses, our friends and our neighbors.  These very lives are taken every 9 minutes, every 9 minutes. We run because our world desperately needs superheroes.

We need people with honor and integrity, people with courage and conviction, people with respect and compassion, people who know that their real job in this world is to care for others.

We need superheroes that are more powerful than the Justice League, smarter than the XMen, and braver than GI Joe.

Quite simply, we need YOU. We are turning on the Bat Signal, giving you a phone booth to change in, and asking you to join us. Asking you to be a superhero.

Why should you join us?

You should join us because every 9 minutes is unacceptable. We should be celebrating lives well lived, not fighting to save them from cancer. We should have children blowing out birthday candles, friends laughing together, loved ones celebrating milestones in their lives, and our community finding joy in life; not fighting cancer. Not fighting a diagnosis that is taking away those memories and moments of hope, laughter and love every 9 minutes. 

It is worth the fight. Every ask, every single dollar, every single person who steps up and steps in to help others.

You should join us because it takes just 9 minutes to read this blog, to log onto and follow our mission, and to become part of our squad, to be a superhero, to proudly show others your Twill superhero hat, which you'll receive as a thank you for donating $50 to our campaign!

9 minutes to Give Where You Live. Let’s Be Superheroes!

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