Saying Yes to Fear

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Saying Yes to Fear

Spring time is the best time. It’s almost summer out and anything is possible. Except for maybe our new year’s resolutions that we have long forgot about, but hey that happens to everyone right? To me that is always something funny.  We (the majority of us) always fail on our new year’s resolutions and we really don’t beat ourselves up that much, because we know time moves on and that we have next new year’s to try again. Just like baseball, you get up to the plate, you aim for a hit but that doesn’t always happen. What happens is you get another shot next at bat.

Yet in business or anything related to the heart, we are so scared of failure. It blows my mind, and I am extremely guilty of this… I might be one of the worse offenders. My last blog post touched on this a little and plays into the fear of failure. I am telling you now regret is far worse. You talk to anyone at an older age and I bet you they will have a few if not a handful of regrets. The majority are on things that they didn’t pursue.

I know when I look back I question myself: did I really give school and baseball everything I had? Or was I more concerned about everything else, the fear of missing out, instead of being focused on what I truly wanted, even if it was silly to other people?

We had a meeting at Twill not too long ago and the main topic was fear of failure. I of course was working my other job so had to miss it and wished I could contribute to what was going on. This is one reason why I am writing right now because even though this may be my 4th blog, I am fearful still of my writing.  I feel as though I'm awful at it.  But I continue to do it, and am blessed enough to have people like Zac and Shaina on our Twill team who can give me criticism and help me improve. Usually for a small fee like some beers or a bottle of wine...

My writing isn’t a failure but it is a skill I need improvement on daily.  Everything that happens in life good or bad is just a learning experience, if we keep repeating the same mistake then apparently we aren’t learning the lesson taught and need to take a look at why this keeps happening.     

I have been in sales for some time now and I always dreaded it.  I always would think “great another denial, I feel as though I am bothering them by asking them something else.” It took time for me to stop being selfish and thinking that it was affecting me, when really it wasn’t at all. People understand you are doing your job and you are educating the customer. If they say no, big deal!  But I tend to stress and think oh man what did I do now!

I too often used to take it as something personal. I would then over think, “ahh man if I only said it a different way.” Or maybe if I spoke slower (still working on this) maybe they would understand with clarity.  All this isn’t failing, what is failing is obsessing over the past, something you cannot change no matter how badly you want to. You have to take the defeat, keep you chin up and move onto the next. It isn’t personal, and I repeated that for a reason, you never know where someone comes from or what they can offer, all life requires is that you do your best. So long as you have a positive attitude and show the effort, things will always work out and there is always opportunity.  There is a reason the past is the past, because it shouldn’t be going with you to the future, look back and learn but that’s it.  

I know that if you do your best, are kind, and work hard, doors will open for you.  I am saying this because for years and years I have wanted to do something on a massive scale.  I have continued to fail and fail and fail in many aspects of life.  I get discouraged but I don’t quit. I turn it into a joke, or motivation, anything to turn the negative to a positive. When you do that every once in awhile something catches, you have no clue how or why, maybe it is luck or that fact that you were too busy continuing forward to stop at every falter and mistake you made.  To quote Thomas Jefferson “I’m a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more luck I have.”  

I have been working on a few large accounts since I started with Twill, one is just about to hit. Will it be a huge success or possibly a flop? Who knows, I for sure am just happy that it got to the point at which it did.  It is validity that with hard work and a positive attitude you can accomplish great things.  

Keep positive people around you, they will motivate you to do better, push you to where you need to go... All those failures lead to something great, mainly great stories, and epic laughs to which I should put into a book (...I might actually have something here!). This will keep me going for the next few years until the next big thing comes along because that is what is so amazing about life and failures.You always have another chance, and it isn’t the end if you fail. Timing is everything!


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  • Eileen Doyon

    Thomas Jefferson was a very wise man……great words Zach…thank you for sharing YOUR thoughts….

  • Dina Fortune

    You are awesome Zach! I miss you! I am thankfull that I had the opportunity to work with you! Fail forward! You made the harder days so much better! Regret is a wasted emotion. You are so on point with this blog!
    Keep on blogging!

  • Scott Hasselbarrh

    Well that’s a timely blog entry! Thank you for the great thoughts man.

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