On Adding Value

On Adding Value

Everything in life has a value, your family your friends, your job the list can go on and on.  We put price tags on everything, the apple watches, phones, cars, etc. Even at our jobs, the employer puts a value on you and you on employer.  It is a two way street for sure. It can be hard at times to break it down and actually see that truth in that. Why else would the job market be that competitive and cut throat.  We chase the best companies to work for, and they go after the best talent money can buy and it all goes back to the value. Why does someone get chosen over another? Why does someone choose the competition over your product?  It all goes back to the value, what value are you providing your industry or community. What can we gain from our time or money spent? This can be one of the hardest to find, and even hardest to execute.

What would we consider invaluable?  How do we put a price tag on that? We search every day to find value in our lives, when really we should think about what value do we provide this world, that my friends is what matters. I am not trying to be all physiological nor  am I saying go around being fake so people like you, and telling people what they want to hear. If you do that it just turns into being someone you aren’t, and have to keep up with all the lies you tell. Be real, and the right people and amazing opportunities will come to you.

The truth is amazing.  So many times in life I would hesitate to say no because I didn’t want to go out to get drinks, I would feel bad, now I just don’t care, make fun of me its cool, probably have truth behind it.  I thought if just went along with it, then I was providing value in taking part, but really I was just draining myself and not enjoying my time. Turning 30 I thought life would be a whole lot different, but taking a step back, things aren’t bad, time means nothing but what you do with that time.  My parents had their lives and one thing they alway did was provide value in my life, raising me right, being a good friend to others, and always working the hardest they could. The little gestures, that sometimes go unnoticed are the ones that provide the most value in others lives!

Daniel Pink in his last book, WHEN, had an interesting part, where when people get to the end of a decade they freak out because the 8’s and 9’s mean so much more, because we stress over what the next decade is suppose to mean, the good ole comparison of age. When we start at the new decade we just kind of forget and over the next few years get back into the lull of time.  But what is the difference? Really nothing, to me it all comes down to value what have you done for others in that time, if nothing and you think you are an awful person and turning 30 then hey, we are 1/3 the way through this thing called life. Change it, start fresh, people are going to live longer and longer (we hope).

Providing value in the workplace can be tough especially in a world consumed by numbers.  It’s sell sell sell, the more you sell the more money you make for the company, the better the companies revenues go.   Or at least that’s how most companies are viewed. If that rings true, true me, find yourself another company, cause believe me, there are ones out that where if you provide enough value they will take care of you, and you both will learn and grow for the better.  I used to dislike sales for years until I took a new approach and just sought out to provide the value, and prayed they would say yes haha. But there is truth in that. Value for Twill is that every time it gets tough, or things aren’t looking the best i will always get a compliment, hey love what you do, hey, this is awesome!  Last blog I wrote was in the beginning of the new year, lots of stuff going on with the Company we are changing some things around and all I heard for days after was wow I Love Twill. Great products and great cause you have. I know someone who has your stuff. Or who worked for xyz company and they did this huge thing with you. It puts a smile on my face that there is value shown and that we are making a difference.  All the days of long hours and no monetary substance to show for, it goes back to the value I am able to put back into our community, sometimes and most times it can’t be bought. The most valuable and simple thing you can do for someone is simile and truly care for what they have to say. This is the life




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    Well done, my friend. So happy you continue to find the time to write. ♥️

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