Go Big or Go Home

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Go Big or Go Home

2018 is upon us. The year everyone is going to reach their goals, right?? Isn’t that what all those January posts were about... "2017 is over, leading us up to 2018!!"

I mean why not right? January felt like a year so finally it is February and spring training is about to start, so time to get ready and swing for the fences. If you don’t get there, ahh well, there’s always next time! That is the fun part about life: you get a reset whenever you like, on the new year, new month or even birthday! Shoot, for me I got a double whammy this year… 2018 is the year I turn 30: Good Lord help me!

What’s fun in life and small business is that you really never know what to expect.  You think everything is going well and you have your next move planned out, but something, usually the universe comes and changes that for you.  It isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it is to see how bad you want it, or sometimes it just isn’t a good fit.  But much like life and business, you always want to take that big shot, hit the long ball and try to land a really awesome account.  Who would have thought landing a massive company would have been easier than getting a wife by the time I turn 30, but that’s a whole other hilarious discussion for another time.

After years of persistence,  and I mean years, Twill finally landed a really awesome online account in Chive Charities. We were blessed to work along some some of the most down-to-earth, caring and hardworking individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. They are so driven to be successful that it rubs off and makes you better in the process. After weeks of tying up odds and end, we worked together to create a customized product that was a hit, and best of all able to give back to Chive Charities. If you haven’t heard of them, or aren’t aware of the epic stuff they do check them out : https://chivecharities.org.

Chive Charities has been our most successful online campaign to date and has inspired us to continue working with other brands to create similar online campaigns. Some of the best takeaways from that is that you really never know when taking a large swing at life that something will come of it. To be lucky enough to not only be apart of one of ( in my opinion ) the best organizations is a really cool experience. I was even able to take a visit to TheChive HQ which was the coolest thing ever. It’s amazing, what like-minded individuals can do in support for a cause. That we were able to create such a buzz for this campaign and gave back in such a phenomenal way still awes me. How cool is it to just say, “Hey everyone, we are going to help this individual or non profit, and then raise as much money as we can for them?”  

To me, Chive Charities is doing it right, because they have faith in the goodness of people.

The online campaign with Chive Charities, as I mentioned, triggered another series of incredible campaigns and opportunities, such as the one we did last summer with Safyre Terry.  She is a local survivor who was badly burned in a fire, lost just about everything and has the most incredible & positive outlook. Getting to meet someone like her was absolutely an amazing experience. No matter what she endured, her spirit never changed.  She was just like anyone else her age, playful, fun, and laughing. She is the prime example of going big in life. Turning a tragedy into making the best of life each and every day. Working with her, we designed a custom product, marketed and promoted it through an online campaign and were able to give back over $1100 to families and survivors fighting similar battles as the ones Safyre fought and continues to fight today.

We also recently put together another online campaign with Make - A - Wish of the Northeast. We were able to do a custom design for them, with their logo and put it right onto a beanie. Make-A-Wish is another fantastic company that does so much for others! Being part of Twill you really get to see the needs of the community, and through these programs you meet some of the most inspiring people and have a chance to reflect on how hard some things you take for granted can be for others.

What’s great about the mindset -  going big or going home is every once in awhile you hit it right. Everything comes together, the pieces finally fit right, and you think wow that was easy! It gives you the fuel to continue, to strive to be a better person, company, friend, etc. making life that much more enjoyable and fun. It has been amazing to watch Twill bring the good stories to the light with a product and story and share them through our online programs.  Each of us has a story to tell, and to share.  

To get involved in an online campaign of your own, reach out to us. We're still considering this the beginning of the year, so why not is take a swing and go big or go home in 2018 by seizing an opportunity to make a difference! 

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