Finding Your "Thing"

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Finding Your "Thing"

With the taste of spring, the sun is shining longer and everything is starting to fall into place. Spring always feels like a time to wrap things up and have everything locked in at a comfortable pace to keep pushing forward on your goals. For me, this spring brings graduation from college, so I’m totally shifted into gear for the homestretch. Even with the goal of graduation in mind from the start, it took me a few years to figure out which major fit me. Whether it’s college or a startup business, finding your “thing” takes time.

As a local startup, how do you find where you belong? First, you must know yourself. It’s easy to think of a business as a machine, simply running on inputs of money and consumers with the return of outputs as products and profits. Twill is so much more than a process, it has its own flair. Twill culture is so different in that it’s centered on giving back, positivity and growth. At Twill, we know who we are and we use our mission as the driving force to everything we do.

Then, you need to find your fit. Where do you belong? It took trial and error, using a lot more time than expected to find out. There are always ups and downs in business and startups usually have more downs than ups, especially in the beginning. We’ve faced many challenges at Twill, from which products to develop to the events we’re involved in, but keeping our focus and perseverance kept us going to find what works for us.

So, how have we bloomed? We finally found our “thing,” the Twill dad hats; where fashion meets charity. This product allows us to do more #GiveWhereYouLive because of its style. Now that we found our “thing,” it was time to kick it up a notch and get more people involved to increase the impact. Partnerships have made a huge difference in the community, creating a better place.

As Twill found its thing, it helped me truly find mine. For me, working at Twill has brought a mission I care about to reality, while solidifying I made the right educational decision. After trying out majors of biology and psychology without feeling passionate, I was running out of time to make a decision. I liked the business classes the best and I leaped into marketing on a gut instinct, always wondering if this is really my thing. From my internship that began in September to my current position of Marketing Coordinator at Twill, I have had so much hands-on experience that I know my degree in Marketing is meant to be. Senior year and I can confidently say I found my thing.

Custom dad hats on heads and diploma almost in hand, Twill and I are moving in the right direction. Since we’ve both found our thing, we feel fueled to keep pushing towards our goals we’ve set for spring.

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