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Writing this blog gives me the privilege to write about inspiring stories and my favorite part, my family. In the spirit of National Siblings Day I am so excited to tell everyone a little bit about one of my favorite people on this planet, my brother Steve.

As I’m writing this, I texted Steve and asked him what his favorite memory was of us growing up as siblings. Spoiler alert: he has no idea I’m writing this blog (yet) and that I’m about to use his answer. He answered “riding in those little jeeps lol..and hershey.” Those two cuties in the picture for this blog, that’s me and my brother. Yes, he drove me around in my barbie jeep as a kid without complaint. From what I remember, he always went just a little too fast trying to scare me...typical older brother tormenting. As for Hershey, he’s referring to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. That was a vacation spot our family would go almost every summer. It was always a special place to our family. We stayed in the same hotel, went to the same restaurants, same beach, and of course ALWAYS made a stop at the famous Hershey’s chocolate factory for a tour. I think I annoyed him most of the time for following him around, but I don’t think he realized at the time why. I’ve always looked up to Steve and have wanted to be just like him. 

As an adult, I’ve been fortunate enough to see him overcome hardships and grow into the amazing brother, husband, son, and friend he is today. For a period of time Steve and I lived together. I was a senior at Siena College and had a hectic schedule trying to graduate early. Most nights I would come home to a cooked meal. He also knew I was a broke college kid and would slip me Starbucks gift cards every now and then. He even brought me much needed bagel sandwiches after nights I went out and had just a little too much fun. He didn’t just do these types of things for me because I was his sister, he still portrays these acts of kindness to everyone he knows. 

I’ve been continuously texting Steve while writing this blog and one of the things he said to me was: “Did you know you can’t be thankful or practice gratitude and be sad/depressed at the same time?” I think we all need to be more aware of this. We spend so much time focusing on what we need or want and forget to take the time to be thankful for what’s in our life and express our gratitude. Steve’s attitude toward life is exactly what we stand for at Twill. Be kind, be thankful, and most of all, spread your kindness and gratitude to those around you. 

Let me leave you all with this. Steve is the most generous, funny, and thoughtful man on God's green earth. I don’t think he realizes how big of an impact he has on all the people in his life. We’re all better people for knowing him, and we’re so lucky to have him in our lives. I know I wouldn’t be here without him. Sorry ladies, he’s happily (and super lucky) to be taken by his new beautiful wife Joanna.

Steve and I on his wedding day. December 31st, 2016

Steve, if this isn’t proof enough, I love you, and I’m so lucky to call you my brother! Happy Siblings Day y’all! 

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  • Kris, you are so right, he is all of those things. Just have to add, wonderful nephew. Couldn’t be luckier.

    Debbie on

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