All about Dad

All about Dad

I'm sure many of you can guess what this blog is going to be about considering the holiday... dads. To all you father's out there...cheers to you today! Whether it's your own dad, an uncle, grandfather, brother, or maybe it's your mom, I think we all have a special person that plays the role of "dad" in our life. They're the ones that support us, guide us, and lead us during the good, bad, and ugly moments of life. They're the people screaming your name at your soccer game, high-fiving you when you get an A on an exam, or in my case, telling me day in and day out: "focus on your career. boys are a waste of time" or my favorite "here's 20 bucks, have fun tonight". 

Before I move on can I just add in one thing? The picture below is one of about 1,000 that my dad has made me take while out to eat together...gotta love dads, am I right?

Side note: my dad makes me take a picture with him EVERY time we go out to eat somewhere together.



I've talked a lot about my relationship with my dad and what we've been through the past year.. so I reached out to the Twill team to hear what they loved about the dads in their life! The pictures are too good not to share...


Shaina: "My dad has taught me the power of unconditional love and the strength that comes from believing in the good in people. For that I am forever grateful!"


Zach (HB): "He inspires me because of his work ethic and how he treats others people.  He is always willing to go out of his way to help when he can.  He makes sure he does the job well every time."



Emily: "My dad has not only been who I look up to but he has been the one to show me values and practices, and more importantly, he's been able to make sure the best comes out of me. I fully believe I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for my dad, and every holiday the bottom of my card says - I know I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you've done for me."


Harrison: "My dad grew up with very little and spent his whole life working his way up in the world. To this day, he works relentlessly to provide for my future. His selflessness inspires me to never take anything for granted and help those around me."


Happy Father's Day from the Twill team!


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  • Betty Tung

    Wonderful tributes to ’Twill" Dads! Keep up the great work everyone! Love the concept of giving locally the warmth of blankets and hats!

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